22nd February 2017

Zachary Shahan: What drives the rEVolution?

I’ve been covering the electric vehicle industry obsessively for several years now. I’ve published thousands of articles on this tech. Yet, a few old articles from years ago still stand out to me and repeatedly come to mind.

I had been covering electric vehicles (EVs) for quite a while before I actually drove one, and once I finally drove one, I was blown away by the tremendous fun of instant torque. I thought, “How is this so routinely ignored?! Electric cars are bloody awesome!” In words I typed back in 2013 after that experience: “This is so much nicer than a gasmobile. This is freaking awesome!”

Ever since then, I have presumed that the fun and useful instant torque of electric cars — especially combined with their beautiful silence and smooth drive quality — meant electric cars would be a disruptive technology that would quickly take over the market once enough people experienced them. This is a chart I have often used since then to show how disruptive technologies often evolve on the marketplace… Read the full article at blog.ev-box.com

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