Where the laws of nature will do the talking.


Over the last decade drivers, OEMs and governments have slowly started to see electric driving is our future. Legislation, R&D and EV incentives have been rolled out internationally to realize these ambitions. However climate change and rising sea levels do not wait for us to act. We think it is safe to say we have no time to lose. We believe acceleration can be a matter of looking at things differently. And sometimes, the new perspective has been all around you for a while. You just need someone to point it out.

It was Isaac Newton who said that acceleration (a) is influenced by both force (F) and mass (m). rEVolution aims for a shared belief, strong inspiration and thinking force (F) to overcome obstacles and skepticism (mass) of our cause to accelerate (a) towards a zero emission future. 

[F = m · a]

The power to accelerate


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